By Matt

Settling in last night to read Angus some stories before bedtime and the usual negotiations commence regarding how many books and how long they are allowed to be. We settle on two medium length books and snuggle in to read them.

Angus then comes out with the following:

“I know Dad, we’ll read these two and if I’m still feeling ‘read-ee’ when we’re finished we can read another one ok?”

Just when you think you’ve heard everything.



Cheeky kids…

By Matt

Angus was helping mum shovel a load of wood chips that had been delivered to their front verge. He was moving them via his toy tip truck and unloading them over the front fence. He then parked his truck on the front fence and said:

Angus: “Grandma you need to watch the truck for me

Grandma: “Why do I need to watch it”

Angus: “Cause some cheeky kid might come along and wreck it and then I”ll have to start all over again.


Wonder where he got that idea from?



That’s one powerful drink!

By Matt

We all know that feeling we sometimes get… that tickle in the throat when a fizzy drink is swallowed the wrong way… right? Well about five minutes ago we were told the technical term for that very thing.

Angus looks at us with mild concern, places his drink back up on the counter and says,

“I won’t drink any more of that lemonade ok guys because it’s destructing my throat!”



A good fly is a…

By Matt

Angus: Dad, Dad! I just saw a fly on my plate.

Dad: Did you shoo it away?

Angus: No.

Dad: Oh…

Angus: Dad, get the spray… it needs to be dead!