Domestic dilemmas…

By Matt

Walking down the hall today and Angus is finishing up on the loo. He’s changing the toilet roll so I tell him what a good boy he is.

He turns to me shaking his head and says “I just can’t believe how much toilet paper I’m going through Dad.”

You couldn’t script this stuff better!




A good fly is a…

By Matt

Angus: Dad, Dad! I just saw a fly on my plate.

Dad: Did you shoo it away?

Angus: No.

Dad: Oh…

Angus: Dad, get the spray… it needs to be dead!



Being a boy on a farm…

By Matt

Dee was home with Angus the other day and he tells her he needs to do a wee.
Probably important for this story to understand he is obsessed with all things ‘fireman’ at the moment.
Dee:¬†”Ok, let’s go to the potty”
Angus: “No, I want to do it on the grass like daddy”
Dee: “Ok, lets go over to the fence”
Angus: “No, I just want to do it on the grass”
Dee: “Ok”
*Angus drops drawers and points the business end toward the grass*
Dee: “That’s the way, good boy”
Angus (now doing the biz): “Look Mum, it’s like a fire hose!”



2nd Birthday

By Matt

Well, where on earth did the last two years go!? Angus turned two amid some crazy lounge room shenanigans necessitated by some uncharacteristically dismal weather. Great fun was had by all with many lollies, chocolates and toys!

Highlights of the afternoon included watching Angus play with his new tea-set while Max chased Aunty Lucy with a toy chainsaw, Angus running over all his other presents with an enormous new dump truck, Angus cutting his cake with the toy chainsaw and all three boys playing in the mud puddles to cap things off!





Monkey business

By Matt

If there’s one thing Angus loves more than any other, it’s climbing. Here he is in the front yard on his climbing frame. One night he also decided this shiny bag would make a great hat.



January 2011

By Matt

Finally, Angus has his first haircut and quite enjoyed it.



1st Birthday

By Matt

Angus thoroughly enjoyed his first birthday!



June/July 2010

By Matt

Up and walking now just before he hit 10 months old. Angus has discovered a whole new level of speed as he attempts to run before he can walk!