Cheeky kids…

By Matt

Angus was helping mum shovel a load of wood chips that had been delivered to their front verge. He was moving them via his toy tip truck and unloading them over the front fence. He then parked his truck on the front fence and said:

Angus: “Grandma you need to watch the truck for me

Grandma: “Why do I need to watch it”

Angus: “Cause some cheeky kid might come along and wreck it and then I”ll have to start all over again.


Wonder where he got that idea from?



Don’t let it happen again!

By Matt

Strapping the young wriggling man into the car seat Grandma accidentally pulled the strap directly onto his skin.

Ouch was the comment.

Grandma then pinched his clothing in the buckle as I was trying to click it in.

Another ouch, and apologies from Grandma,

a brief sigh and then

“If this happens again Grandma we’ll be talking smacks”


You really couldn’t make this stuff up.



Being a boy on a farm…

By Matt

Dee was home with Angus the other day and he tells her he needs to do a wee.
Probably important for this story to understand he is obsessed with all things ‘fireman’ at the moment.
Dee: ”Ok, let’s go to the potty”
Angus: “No, I want to do it on the grass like daddy”
Dee: “Ok, lets go over to the fence”
Angus: “No, I just want to do it on the grass”
Dee: “Ok”
*Angus drops drawers and points the business end toward the grass*
Dee: “That’s the way, good boy”
Angus (now doing the biz): “Look Mum, it’s like a fire hose!”



Bedtime Angus style…

By Matt

After singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ tonight Angus decides to launch into a couple of his own versions. Sung to the tune of the afore mentioned song…


Twinkle, twinkle Vegemite,
I don’t want you on my sandwich,
If you put it on my sandwich,
I will drop it on the ground and get dirt all over it,
Twinkle, twinkle Vegemite,
I don’t like you on my sandwich.


At this point I gan barely keep my giggles under control before he launches into another…


Twinkle, twinkle mud, mud, mud,
I don’t like you on my plate,
If you are on my plate I’ll drop you on people’s heads…
Now I’m laughing hysterically at which point Angus announces “You’re funny Daddy”.  You just can’t buy this sort of gold!



Pretty in pink…

By Matt

Angus… what do you think you’re doing mate? You’re supposed to be in bed.  “I’m painting.” “That is not OK Angus, we’re really upset…’, ‘sorry daddy for painting your wallet pink…’, ‘what about my band new nutri-metics lipsitck?…’, ‘sorry mummy…’

Later…when being tucked into bed… ‘daddy can I see your pink wallet that I painted with mummy’s pink lipstick?’



There were two in the tub…

By Matt

Angus and Bryce had a great weekend when Cliff and Loz came to stay for the night. Sometimes there were some ‘sharing issues’ but for the most part they had great fun together as evidenced in these great photos which Dee took.



The cheekiest little monkey

By Matt

Here he is. Couldn’t resist putting this photo up when we saw it.