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Swimming lessons

By Matt

The lad has been making great progress with his swimming lessons. We’re all very proud of the effort he’s putting in and the attitude he has to learning.

Here’s a couple of clips showing how he’s going. Check out the size of the grin!

s1    s2



Don’t let it happen again!

By Matt

Strapping the young wriggling man into the car seat Grandma accidentally pulled the strap directly onto his skin.

Ouch was the comment.

Grandma then pinched his clothing in the buckle as I was trying to click it in.

Another ouch, and apologies from Grandma,

a brief sigh and then

“If this happens again Grandma we’ll be talking smacks”


You really couldn’t make this stuff up.



Domestic dilemmas…

By Matt

Walking down the hall today and Angus is finishing up on the loo. He’s changing the toilet roll so I tell him what a good boy he is.

He turns to me shaking his head and says “I just can’t believe how much toilet paper I’m going through Dad.”

You couldn’t script this stuff better!