Cheeky kids…

By Matt

Angus was helping mum shovel a load of wood chips that had been delivered to their front verge. He was moving them via his toy tip truck and unloading them over the front fence. He then parked his truck on the front fence and said:

Angus: “Grandma you need to watch the truck for me

Grandma: “Why do I need to watch it”

Angus: “Cause some cheeky kid might come along and wreck it and then I”ll have to start all over again.


Wonder where he got that idea from?



Don’t let it happen again!

By Matt

Strapping the young wriggling man into the car seat Grandma accidentally pulled the strap directly onto his skin.

Ouch was the comment.

Grandma then pinched his clothing in the buckle as I was trying to click it in.

Another ouch, and apologies from Grandma,

a brief sigh and then

“If this happens again Grandma we’ll be talking smacks”


You really couldn’t make this stuff up.



2nd Birthday

By Matt

Well, where on earth did the last two years go!? Angus turned two amid some crazy lounge room shenanigans necessitated by some uncharacteristically dismal weather. Great fun was had by all with many lollies, chocolates and toys!

Highlights of the afternoon included watching Angus play with his new tea-set while Max chased Aunty Lucy with a toy chainsaw, Angus running over all his other presents with an enormous new dump truck, Angus cutting his cake with the toy chainsaw and all three boys playing in the mud puddles to cap things off!